Curiosity Leads to Confirmed Rumors

Before the previous school year ended, there were rumors of Tom getting a student loan with Mrs. Lark as the co-signer. But he continued to not be in school so eventually that rumor died out. Tom was not able to continue university due to a hold on his account because he owed the college $2,000. When the new school year came around, Tom arrives to work one day with a brand new car. Stella thought this was odd because he did not need a new car and she always thought that he would pay off his hold before anything else. Evidently, she was wrong.


Every Friday, the tutors come in to grade the student’s binders. But this school year, there was a one hour break between one of the classes. So the tutors help with little tasks here and there to keep busy. This particular Friday the tutors had different tasks. Tom, Lacey, and Stormy were running around campus asking teachers if they were interested in helping with the fundraiser that the program was holding. Teachers that helped would receive a free t-shirt. Stella and Hope were left alone in the classroom to total the amount of each t-shirt size from all the classes and Mrs. Lark left them there to go get breakfast.

Stella and Hope counted the t-shirt sizes and double-checked with each other that they had the right number. They wrote the total number of each size on a post-it and put it on Mrs. Lark’s desk. Stella sat down in the chair behind Lark’s desk and realized that her computer was left on. Out of curiosity, she skimmed through her e-mails and found nothing interesting or irrelevant enough for her to care. Hope and Stella were both hoping to find an e-mail about when the site coach would be visiting them so they can warn the other tutors in advanced. Since they both knew that Tom and Lark would not tell them the information that felt they had to sneak around to find out themselves.

After skimming through her e-mails, Stella and Hope looked at all the clutter on her desktop. They stumbled upon a file titled, ‘Tom Billy Rae.’ Billy Rae was a known organization that gave out scholarships and student loans. Stella clicked on the file and once it opened they were floored. Mrs. Lark did in fact co-sign for a student loan for Tom! The rumors were true! But where did all that money go? The loan was made on April of last year. A loan of $15,000. But Tom was still not in school. That loan could have paid off his hold. And it could have paid for a semester of classes. But why was he not going to school? Did he use it to buy that car that he did not need? It’s been six months, so doesn’t he need to pay off his loan now? The questions were coming but there will never be answers unless Stella and Hope asked Tom himself.

Now they knew why Tom did all her bitch work. She has him on a leash with that loan. Desperate times call for desperate measures but now he is stuck with her until he pays her back. Bad idea, Tom. Bad. Fucking. Idea.

Oh well, your problem, not mine.


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