Twisting Words

The semester was going by quickly. Tom was out of control. Katrina was his little assistant. Mrs. Lark sat at her desk doing nothing productive except e-mailing her best friend about what to get for lunch. The other tutors were on edge about what to do. One little thing that the death eaters saw as wrong would bring dark clouds over South Shore High, which no one wanted.

As the days passed, Mrs. Lark wanted the tutors to have a meeting to get on the same page for grading tutorials. A meeting was held one day during their break. Right when it started, Lark left the classroom and immediately Tom took charge. He started telling the tutors to grade the tutorials how they would normally grade. After about ten minutes or so, the tutors were all done grading and Tom asks, “So did anyone give a student a hundred?” A couple tutors, including lead tutor Stella, raised their hands.

“No one should have gotten a hundred, there was something wrong with each one,” stated Tom.

Tom proceeds to focus on a tutorial of one student in particular, Anthony. Anthony is a student that is always in James’ groups and is a student that will only work well with James. Tom starts to stab at every single thing that he thought was wrong with the student’s work and also how the original tutor graded.

As Tom was talking, Stella zoned out and started looking at the names of the tutorials that they were grading. A majority of the students came from one group. That very same group always had the same tutor… James. As realization hit, Stella started to somewhat listen to what was going on again. It wasn’t just a meeting about getting the tutors on the same page, it was also a subliminal attack on James and how he had a good relationship with the students that looked up to him.

Tom continued to talk about nonsense and compare South Shore High to Northcutt High. He also kept saying how the tutors had to grade more harshly because their site coach, Krista, will be visiting them to observe. Everyone else remained silent. Stella assumed that he was getting tired of talking because he kept repeating himself. Her assumptions were correct when Tom says, “C’mon, guys, say something.”

After a slight pause, Lacey, a tutor that works at three different schools, mentions how Krista is not as bad as how Tom is making her out to be. Stella adds her two cents and says, “We are not a demo school. We are no where near a demo school. So I don’t think she will be as harsh as she is at Northcutt because they are becoming a demo school.”

Katrina must have not have cleaned her ears because she looks at Stella with a dirty look and says, “Yeah. But that doesn’t mean we should slack off.” Stella gave her a dirty look back and states, “I never said that. I didn’t say to slack off. I just said that I don’t think she is going to be that bad.” After correcting her, there was a tense silence in the air. But Stella thought it was better to say something than have Katrina twist her words around to the wrong person. After a while, Tom just mentions, “I guess we shall see then.”

Yeah, Tom. We shall see.

The dark mark was starting to form once again.


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