No More Ross Town

Weeks had passed and things were silent around South Shore. Not a drip of hate in sight or a knife to be thrown at someones back. Things actually seemed content, at least until Mr. Ross finally broke.

A normal day of tutorials in Mr. Ross’ class is always nice because things are comfortable. With Lark’s class,  there seems to be this imminent shadow looming over everyone making it hard to work sometimes, but in Ross’ class the sun always seems to shine; even in the shady places.

Walking in this day though, something was different. Mr. Ross had something perplexing him and because the tutors care about him, they asked what was wrong.

James: “Hey Mr. Ross what’s up? You look a little sad. Something bothering you?”
Ross: “Well not much. But, I wanted to ask you something and could this stay between us?”
James: “Of course, I’m not like Katrina or Tom”
Ross: “Has Lark ever said anything about me.. Like in a bad way?”

In that moment, James either could either tell him the truth or spin lies like the death eaters. Having known what Mrs.Lark has said, James knew it was time to tell the truth.

James: “Well Mr.Ross you know you are an awesome guy and a great teacher. To answer your question, I want to tell you the truth. Yes, Lark has said many bad things about you. She feels like you are not on a team with her and that you can be a flake sometimes. She always iterates that if she can make time, why can’t you? Of course, we tell her you have kids and she doesn’t, but being the self-centered woman she is, that isn’t a valid excuse that you have kids.”
Ross: “Ahh I see. Anything else?”
James: ” Yes. She has made comments to our principal in order to make herself seem like she has done everything on her own and that you are a bad guy for not helping. But you know what Mr. Ross I know you support this program and us so don’t listen to any of it!”

The mood set after that last sentence and Mr. Ross just retracted and stayed quiet. All he said before releasing the tutors do their work was “if that’s how she feels, then okay”.


The period was ending and the work was coming in to be graded. The tutors were about leave. Mr. Ross stopped James however and in the nicest manner said “I am done.” Puzzled, James asked with what? Ross said, “I truly feel like I have done enough for this program to be a part of it, but if that’s how she feels, then I cannot stop her from seeing things the way she sees it. I want to let you know that I have emailed her and told her that next school year I will no longer be teaching for this program. I am talking to administration and letting them know I am going back to just teaching all sections of English, but I wish Lark the best of luck.”

Still sad, Ross carried a grieved smile and told the tutors to have a nice day.

All James could think was, Lark is going to need the luck because we just lost an important asset to our team. Thus, this officially marked the end of Ross Town leaving us only to deal with Lark County.

We can only hope the dark times don’t consume the new school year, but that’s like asking ice not to melt near a fire.


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