Follow the Leader: Stella’s Perspective

Before the first semester ended, Tom and I were made lead tutors at South Shore High. Mrs. Lark decided to make us leads because we have been there the longest and we have worked well together before. So I thought things would be okay since last semester the problems and tension diminished. Little did I know that the first day back for the second semester would be hell.

All the tutors came in for a meeting to talk about the new hours and also to refresh the kids on what we expect on how tutorials are suppose to be ran. Tom was being Mrs. Lark’s assistant as usual, which was not surprising. He was telling the tutors what to do and where to go the whole day. What pissed me off was that Tom was trying to boss me around  but I’m a lead tutor as well. He was telling me what to do but I still did my own thing.

I noticed that his power trip was getting bad when a student noticed. One student asked Tom, “Hey Tom, are you the leader or something?” and I nonchalantly say, “Well, I’m a lead tutor too but he just likes to have power.”

Tom, embarrassedly said to me, “No I don’t.”

But I just said, “Sure.” and went to the other class since this semester the tutors will be split during certain periods. After the classes, the tutors went to lunch and as we were all coming back for 6th period we got a text from Tom telling us all where to go. At this point, I was annoyed because he was telling me where to go like I was under him. But yet, we are the same level. We are both leads. Just because I’m not as demanding and bossy as Tom is, it does not mean that I’m not a good lead. The other tutors expressed how they wished that James and I were the leads because we are fair and we ask them nicely to do something and not just yell at them to do it like how Tom does. If this continues, I might just go off on them one day.


Lord Voldemort

“These are dark times, there is no denying. Our world has perhaps faced no greater threat than it does today.”JK Rowling

South shore was being shadowed by a dark cloud. That clouds name was Tom, who to some of the tutors was the modern day Tom Riddle or better known by the name of Lord Voldemort.

Tom was quickly invoking the power he had as a lead tutor. Stella, also being a lead tutor, is nothing like Tom when it comes to who is in control though, which is sad because he maneuvers around her title and plays solo on who really take charge. Within those few days of being back at work, things were starting to rapture into something dark and truly evil.

James was still concerned about what had happened and thinking about it more and more, it started to piece together. For James, his main goal has always been the student over everything. Nothing is more important to him than the success of the kids and the ultimate goal of them going to college. In a way, you could say James has always had a soft spot for certain students, but generally he is just someone who cares. Apparently, Tom and Katrina felt last semester that this was uncalled for. Before break, James remembered that they both made comments about him being to close to the kids. James didn’t deny it because it is true, but never did he let it cloud his judgements on how to grade or evaluate certain situations. However, when that semester ended James just let it go because Tom and Katrina always have something to say, which in most cases it’s never nice.

Anyways, James thought back to that time when they mentioned that. It was all making sense. His hours were cut during the periods where he was closest to the kids. Katrina may have not been involved, but Tom sure as hell had a say in the hours and it was now clear what was going on. Tom had purposefully cut James hours in the areas where he thought he was becoming to close.

James was more sad now then mad. His job means nothing without the kids and now that Tom is playing god and is making decisions based off his own foolish mindset,  he knew things weren’t going to be the same.

James slowly thought things through and began to wonder what made Tom hate him so much now? Was it because he was getting close to Lark right at the end of last semester. Maybe he felt he was losing his connection to her since she was actually listening to what James had to say. Either way, he could not understand what was going on in Tom Riddle’s mind, but what he did understand was that a new target may have been set on him.


At the end of the day, James just wanted to tell Tom off. He was so frustrated and upset with him but being the civil person he is, things slowly just were brushed under the carpet.

However, James remembered one of his students in particular that he promised he would make sure to always tutor. Anthony.

Anthony is a very special student to James because he is the only one Anthony will talk to. At the beginning of the year when James first started working Anthony didn’t talk to anyone, but he slowly opened up to him and built a strong bond with him. That bond allowed James to tutor him and be the role model that he needed. With that said, Anthony knew something was up when Tom laid down the law and snapped at James to go to another class to tutor during his period.

Tom was being a dick, to put it bluntly. James wanted to stay for Lark’s class fourth period because Anthony is in there, but Tom wouldn’t let it happen. He told James “Go now” in a deameaning tone which alerted Anthony right off the bat that James wasn’t going to be tutoring that period.

James was fumed at this point because he was being talked to like a child and like he did something wrong. Tom had no right to yell like that, especially since he isn’t the boss. Meeting up with the others, James told them what happened and everyone was slowly opening their eyes to the newly proclaimed Lord Voldemort.

Tsunami Tom: Vol II

Winter break had quickly came to an end and on the horizon was a whole new wave of disaster. The crisp air was settling and South Shore High was preparing itself for a new semester.

Mrs. Lark, being the uncoordinated person she is, was barely getting in touch with the tutors a few days before work began. In a text message, she told her “team” that she wanted to meet with them that following Tuesday. Her message explicitly labeled that it was going to be a meeting and that she needed to discuss what would be happening this new year. From past experiences, the tutors knew meetings were never good. Mrs. Lark could have easily told each person when to come in and what their schedule was, but as usual shit was about to hit the fan.


Monday came and Stella noticed a missed call from Mrs. Lark. Being a lead tutor, Stella knew she must have needed something so she called her back in a reasonable time span to see what was up. Lark was contacting Stella to see when she would like to work because she was finalizing the tutor schedule. Stella picked her hours and quickly made a departure from the phone call. However, before ending the call she noticed someones voice in the background. To her surprise, it was Tom. Tom had been with Mrs. Lark all day assisting her, as usual, so Stella neglected it and proceeded to call James and tell him what she had heard about work.

When James heard this news, it was kind of upsetting to him. Why had Mrs.Lark asked Tom to help her with the new schedule? He knew that he is her go to guy, but it is almost unfair because Tom is very biased and may have been more generous with hours for some more than others. So trying not to think about it, James just said “Well Stella we will see what happens tomorrow.”


Tuesday came faster than expected. Like any normal day, each of the tutors slowly made their approach to North Shore. 7:45 struck the clock and then began the meeting that would change things for the rest of the year.

Mrs. Lark initiated the meeting. She discussed about classes being cut and hours being diminished, but that was expected. She iterated that she tried as much as possible to maximize everyones hours and she hoped that no one was upset with her. James just stared and wanted her to stop talking and pass out the new schedule. Unfortunately, Tom had to put his two cents in. His habitual habits of comparing and contrasting us to our rival school Northcutt High was redundant because over there they have a program that is about to be the center of attention and we are nowhere near that phase. Yet, everyone listened. Of course, then Tom had to make remarks about how some tutors need to be careful about posting pictures of underage drinking. James just kinda looked at him and then shunned it because Tom takes things to seriously and needs to worry about his own life. Anyways, after a long lecture that was so unnecessary, Mrs. Lark finally handed out the schedule. Quickly, thats when shit hit the fan.

For some, they were content with their hours, but for others like James it was a slap to the face. The knife slashed through his hours like a piece of cake. Going from 30 something to 10 was appalling. Not even the fact that it was because of the cuts, but that most of the hours went to the new people. James was really upset because after everything he did for Lark last semester, this was unfair.

James pondered the schedule, and kept questioning why this happened. Then he realized what Stella told him. Tom was there when the schedule was created. James quickly felt the waves of tsunami Tom trying to drown him. The underage drinking comment was clearly aimed at him and now unfair hour cuts sealed the deal.

Tom started off the year on the wrong foot with James and it quickly became evident that even the other tutors noticed that the tide was shallowing and Tom was about to come crashing down on everyone.